We’ve seen more and more e-mails lately regarding the International Council of Shopping Centers’ national convention in Las Vegas. Newly branded RECon, the event is the equivalent of a Grateful Dead concert for the industry.

We are again remiss in looking at our calendar, because, like every year, the damn thing has crept up on us. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

For those of you not familiar with the event, there are tons of people all over the place (upwards of 50,000 attended last year), making the sizable Las Vegas Convention Center seem more packed than a Manhattan supermarket on a Sunday. Attendees are booked solid with meetings for three days. And no one sleeps at all because after the event every night there are parties and receptions, and hell, you’re probably in a freaking casino 90% of the time you’re not at the convention center. ICSC even puts out a “survival guide” for potential attendees, kind of like the pamphlets municipalities put together for natural-disaster awareness.

For our part, GlobeSt.com’s retail page will cover sessions and breaking news there daily. It is also our goal to meet with more retail and restaurant operators, so if you are the operator of a chain or a new concept and would like to set up an appointment to talk to us about your expansion strategy, shoot an e-mail over here.

If you’re attending, what are your plans for RECon? Do you think the convention’s annual rising attendance with change this year because of the problems the economy has faced? Do you see the overall climate hitting a more morose tone than previous years, when it seemed like the industry prevailed over macroeconomic hardships? How are you changing your strategy at the event, if at all?


1 Response to “ICSC Is…NEXT MONTH!?!?”

  1. 1 Commercial Mortgage broker April 4, 2008 at 8:26 am

    Opting not to attend this year – business has been great so far this year and things here in Texas appear to be “business as usual,” especially when compared to the varied and sundry tales of woe emanating from other areas, but several of us (mostly lending institution representatives) have decided to err on the side of caution this year and allocate the money that we would have spent in LV to our respective ‘rainy day funds,’ just in case Texas doesn’t manage to remain more or less unscathed as the capital markets and the tract home builders continue to lick their wounds.

    For that matter, we may need the cash just to be able to put gas in our vehicles as the oil companies continue to hold the rest of the free world hostage while racking up record-busting earnings quarter after quarter. Maybe Congress should consider a “windfall profits” tax for the oil and gas industry, though I doubt their lobbyists would stand for it. I seem to recall an old saying – “Excess profits breed ruinous competition” – I guess the oil companies are immune…

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