Shoplifting On the Rise Nationally

So earlier this week, we posted an item about someone’s creative way of stealing beer at Wal-Mart. It turns out that, coincidentally, it’s really part of a bigger national trend.

A recent survey says that “shrink” in 2008 increased for the first time in six years, with total losses hitting $36.5 billion. A total of 1.52% of all retail inventory was stolen last year, up from 1.44% in 2007.

And the numbers this year could be worse so far. “These are preliminary numbers from 2008 and do not reflect shoplifting and retail theft rates from the first part of 2009, when the recession was considered by many to be at its deepest,” says a University of Florida criminologist.

It makes sense that the recession would increase shoplifting, and crime in general. We’d be curious to see if, like in overall sales, there is an increase in the theft of groceries and other necessity items as opposed to luxury goods like fur coats and jewelry.

2 Responses to “Shoplifting On the Rise Nationally”

  1. 1 James June 17, 2009 at 7:19 am

    Career criminals steal fur coats and diamonds, their numbers are few, they often steal on contract and they don’t get caught because they are professionals. They are part of a stable un derground economy.
    Poor people steal beer, donuts, and steaks, their numbers are many, they steal to eat, the odds are against them so they get caught. They are part of the underbelly of this recession. They’ll go away when the recession goes away.
    Americans are very impatient, I think the recession is going away because Americans are bored to death with it.

  2. 2 Ladislao June 18, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    Hey Ian, what’s up?…

    I think what you just posted here is again, just the beginning stages of what’s to come. What you allowed me to post on one of your recent articles “Will Wal-Mart’s Luck Run Out?” is what I still stand on. I remember saying similar things on a post that Carl Cronan wrote and he didn’t post it, when I asked him why, he just told me to do your own blog about it. My take on it is I guess some people just don’t know how to face the situation head on, so a way to avoid it is just not allowing others to post their thoughts about it. But regardless it’s coming anyway.

    I got a feeling Ian that you’re going to be posting more and more of these types of articles in the coming future. I appreciate reporting as much as you can on ALL sides of what’s going on with the Real Estate market, the economy and how it’s affecting everybody on both ends… This isn’t to bring down any of the any other writers here on, but at least I’m thankful that you and Erika Morphy are going after the other side of the news and reporting it. Keep up the excellent work.

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