Target Takes on Costco With ‘Great Save’

Target is going warehouse-club style, at least temporarily. The discounter launched “The Great Save,” a promotion that started this week and will last through Feb. 21, selling bulk items at a discount.

Offerings include such staples as bulk paper towels, granola bars and T-shirts. But customers can also purchase designer-brand clothing and home-decor items at a discount as well, just as Costco and other warehouse clubs offer.

This is apparently not the first time Target has tried such a strategy. For years it would offer a temporary Global Bazaar section that sold household items on the cheap.

Target posted negative monthly same-store sales drops since May of last year, with the summer taking an especially hard hit. Of course, we may see things turn around tomorrow for December.

But is a promotion like The Great Save just what Target needs to get consumers to spend more?


2 Responses to “Target Takes on Costco With ‘Great Save’”

  1. 1 bear_m January 8, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Thanks for explaining what I just saw at Target. “The Great Save” is a weird little department carved out from the back of the store, without any apparent rhyme or reason for being there.

    Features include barren Soviet-style shelves, a few with bulk paper goods; paper cartons with 6-packs of white towels (I almost bought) and the worst-looking canary yellow polo shirts I have ever seen. All they need to do is put in bare fluorescent bulbs and mis-matched linoleum to give it the full “K-mart feel.”

    Looks like this concept that was borrowed from the genius who brought the “why is this here” dollar store discount aisle to my local Pathmark. I mean seriously, if your store prices are so good why do you need to discount them?

    My reaction was “I must be overpaying in the rest of the store, time to visit Wal-mart.”

    Just my opinion.

  2. 2 Victor January 18, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    I liked bear_m’s thoughts of: My reaction was “I must be overpaying in the rest of the store, time to visit Wal-mart.” (Except I really dislike Walmart and replaced the sentence with Costco.)

    I checked out their bulk sections and their prices, though cheaper than their regular store items, still isn’t even close to the prices that Costco offers.

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