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Linens is Back!

We’ve been getting a LOT of these emails lately from Linens ‘n Things. It’s funny how the stores don’t exist any more but the e-commerce site lives on. This article says that the same is the case for Circuit City and some other retailers that have closed. Do you see anyone actually buying stuff from these websites or is it just more wishful thinking?


Are Major Store Closures Over?

It’s been kind of quiet on the mass store-closure front, hasn’t it?

Sure, we’ve seen a lot of damage with the Circuit City/Linens closures, and it seems like there could be unsurprising news from Blockbuster some time soon. But didn’t you think that by this time in 2009 there would be more fallout from major chains?
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Do Bankrupt Retailers Deserve More Time?

Now that all of the Circuit City’s 560 stores are dark, landlords are trying to fill the spaces left behind. Some are finding success, like one firm we recently spoke with, the Blue Bell, PA-based Goldenberg Group, which leased a former Circuit City location to furniture chain Raymour & Flanigan in a Philadelphia shopping center.

We’re not sure if there are a lot of stories like that across the country, but it’s not difficult to guess that the process of filling these vacancies is tough, given that virtually every large retailer has cut back its expansion plans.
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Maybe Best Buy Wants Circuit City Locations

Best Buy might look at vacancies left by bankrupt retailers, CEO Brad Anderson told Reuters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. But he did stress that the company is focused on remaining and leery of consumer spending trends.

Meanwhile, Best Buy is laying off people at its headquarters, and about 500 employees there have already taken buyouts.
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Circuit City: Is There ANY Upside?

Some say there could be for other retailers.

A Dow Jones article specifically points to Best Buy as being the big winner, grabbing up to 40% of the liquidating retailer’s sales. Analysts are saying that other retailers, like Costco, Wal-Mart and Staples could stand to gain as well. So does that mean that centers with those stores as anchors will see increased traffic?
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No One Wants Circuit City’s Leases

An auction on the leases of 154 closing Circuit City stores that was scheduled for today is canceled due to a lack of bidders, says a Reuters report.

According to a Circuit City spokesperson, the electronics chain might be able to reject the leases by the end of the month, due to the lack of offers.
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Circuit City: No Milk, No Plasma TV

Circuit City has announced the shutting of 155 stores, and there could be more to come, given that the retailer is examining “all available options and alternatives to restructure its business.” It is exiting 12 markets, including Atlanta and Phoenix.

We thought a Circuit City salesperson in one report summed it up best when he said: “They’re not going to get bailed out like Lehman Brothers. People aren’t going to buy plasma TVs when they can’t buy milk.”
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