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Walmart Leads Fortune 500

Walmart is on top of the Fortune 500. The retailer regained the lead this year after falling into second place in 2009 behind Exxon Mobile. The retailer was on top in 2008.

Other retailers cracked the top 25 as well. CVS Caremark came in at 18th, grocer Kroger hit number 23, and Costco Wholesale rounded out the 25th spot.

Not too many surprises here. Or are there?

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Domino’s Self-Effacing Ads Might Actually Work?

So the Domino’s ads you’re seeing all over the place are actually working. If you haven’t run into them yet, they basically say that the chain’s pizza was horrible, with customer comments like: “Microwave pizza is far superior” and “pizza was cardboard.” Now things are apparently different with a new, back-to-basics recipe.

Citigroup upgraded the stock, saying that sales will increase, and Jim Cramer’s excited too, saying the chain could even grow it’s store count. Readers who have tried it: Is it really all that much better?

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Target Takes on Costco With ‘Great Save’

Target is going warehouse-club style, at least temporarily. The discounter launched “The Great Save,” a promotion that started this week and will last through Feb. 21, selling bulk items at a discount.

Offerings include such staples as bulk paper towels, granola bars and T-shirts. But customers can also purchase designer-brand clothing and home-decor items at a discount as well, just as Costco and other warehouse clubs offer.
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Big-Box Stores Selling Coffins

This item we came across this morning was just too morbid to pass up. Apparently big-box stores from Walmart to Costco are selling coffins.

Walmart is selling them online on a trial basis right now. Coffins range from $895 to just under $3,000.
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Wal-Mart May Finally Enter NYC

The largest retailer in the world is again looking at entering the biggest city in the country. Wal-Mart executives figure that conditions are favorable for the company to come to New York. People are now looking for a bargain more than ever, and real estate prices here might not get a whole lot lower.

The company has considered coming to New York in the past. Either way, it should expect a big fight from local labor unions, “You’re not going to get into this city unless you come forward and talk to the players, and in New York City, like it or not, the labor movement is a major player,” one union leader told Crain’s.
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The Top 100 Retailers

Stores magazine just put out its list of top 100 retailers by revenue. Wal-Mart of course, is on top, followed by Kroger, Costco, Home Depot, Target, Walgreen, CVS, Lowe’s, Sears Holdings and Best Buy in descending order.

Though it’s by no means a new phenomenon, we still get blown away by Wal-Mart’s Shaq-like size. Its nearly $406 billion in revenue last year exceeds that of the next five retailers on the list COMBINED.

Wal-Mart is also making news for its support of employer-mandated health care, which is facing opposition from the National Retail Federation, which puts out Stores. We’re not going to weigh in on the health care debate (you readers are welcome to do that), but we admire that the NRF isn’t afraid to stand up to what must be one of its largest members.

Costco Shops for Real Estate

At least Costco CEO Jim Sinegal thinks now is the time to buy.

“We’re getting better deals on real estate,” he was quoted saying in a recent Reuters report. “People who didn’t want to talk with us about shopping center sites now want to talk with us.”
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Costco Hurt by Discounts?

Costco has been a bright stop in the recession.

It makes sense that the wholesale club has done well when consumers are cutting back, buying in bulk and looking for deals as businesses everywhere are laying people off and credit is tight.
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Circuit City: Is There ANY Upside?

Some say there could be for other retailers.

A Dow Jones article specifically points to Best Buy as being the big winner, grabbing up to 40% of the liquidating retailer’s sales. Analysts are saying that other retailers, like Costco, Wal-Mart and Staples could stand to gain as well. So does that mean that centers with those stores as anchors will see increased traffic?
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BJ’s Wholesale: A Bright Spot in Chaos

Usually things around here are about bad news lately. So we’re pleased to announce that at least one retailer is doing well other than Wal-Mart.

BJ’s Wholesale recorded nearly a 12% same-store sales rise during its third quarter and is even boosting its store openings next year. Executives say the Northeast-based chain of 177 clubs was benefited by high gas prices and that it is taking marketshare from restaurants and grocers.
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