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Burger King Goes Upscale?

Burger King looks like it’s trying to do the Starbucks thing. The burger chain is remodeling all 12,000 of its restaurants with a look that “includes rotating red flame chandeliers, brilliant TV-screen menus and industrial-inspired corrugated metal and brick walls,” according to an Associated Press article.

The company is trying to set itself apart from McDonald’s and compete with all of the regional chains offering a higher-quality product, the article says. One analyst isn’t convinced that the move will attract new customers, though, saying that perceptions about the Burger King brand are pretty well entrenched.
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Map: McDonald’s Is Never a Far Drive

This map making the rounds on the Internet lately shows every McDonald’s in 48 of our 50 states. The people who made it, over at Weather Sealed, figured out that the two farthest McDonald’s from each other in the contiguous US are in southwest South Dakota — a 145-mile drive from each other.

Subway Bigger Than McDonald’s?

What seemed impossible at one time is about to happen. McDonald’s is no longer going to be the largest restaurant chain in the world by number of units.

Subway, with 31,800 units, is about to overtake McDonald’s total of 32,158 restaurants. While McDonald’s is slowing new-store growth, Subway continues to open 40 stores a month and is making a big international push.
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Scantily-Clad Women Not Helping Carl’s Jr.?

It looks like, uh, suggestive commercials with Paris Hilton and Padma Lakshmi aren’t quite doing the trick for Carl’s Jr. The burger chain’s parent, CKE Restaurants, is having trouble in an environment where McDonald’s is thriving.

Jim Cramer of “Mad Money” talks to CKE’s CEO Andy Pudzer about the burger wars.

Starbucks Fights Back With Ads

So it seems that Starbucks, isn’t above television advertising again.

The coffee giant has decided to start testing advertising in Indianapolis and Jacksonville, FL, most likely as a response to those horribly annoying McCafe ads that McDonald’s is pushing all over the place.

We’re interested in seeing how they promote affordability. We liked Starbucks’ crazy campaign from a few years back.

It’s On: McDonald’s Takes On Starbucks

It’s gonna get nasty!

McDonald’s has launched it’s $100-million advertising campaign against Starbucks. Who will come out the winner after the smoke clears?

Will Starbucks Value Push Work Out?

Howard Schultz, as this article puts it, “wants to remind people what Starbucks stands for, and that most of its coffee drinks don’t cost $4.”

So Starbucks is launching a major advertising campaign to let everyone know they can get a deal at the coffee giant. The measure was announced during yesterday’s second-quarter results, a period when the company experienced an 8% same-store sales drop, as well as a profit plunge of 77%, and closed 123 stores.
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Starbucks Strikes Back

Starbucks will start introducing $3.95 breakfast-coffee combo deals next month, in a move that many see as attempts to compete with McDonald’s roll out of espresso coffee drinks in its restaurants.

As part of the plan, the company announced that it will launch two new egg sandwiches that can get paired with drinks.
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Video: Jim Cramer Digs McDonald’s

He also says that Starbucks is getting “pantsed by Mickey D’s.” Whoa. Cramer speaks with Jim Skinner, McDonald’s CEO.

Watch Video

Watch Video

P.F. Chang’s Sees a Tough Year Ahead

While many quick-service brands, like McDonald’s, are thriving in this rough environment, fast-casual brands are still taking quite a hit. Speaking recently at an investor conference, Bert Vivian, co-CEO of P.F. Chang’s told attendees to expect a trying first half of the year.

“I think it’s going to be a cold first quarter in retail and in restaurants,” the Associated Press quoted Vivian, who became co-CEO earlier this month after serving as president since 2000.
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