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Retail Sales Poised to Rise This Year?

The National Retail Federation predicts a better year in 2010. The trade group says retail sales will increase 2.5% this year over the 2.5% drop that took place in 2009.

What is the cause of the improvement? A perceived upswing in the job and housing markets.
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CIT Bankruptcy Could Hurt Apparel

This weekend’s Chapter 11 filing by CIT Group apparently has big ramifications for the retail industry, especially apparel. The firm works with 2,000 vendors that supply merchandise to 300,000 stores and finances about 60% of the apparel industry, according to the Associated Press.

The good news, according to a National Retail Federation spokesperson, is that most retailers already have their holiday season inventory taken care of. But the bad news is that it could seriously impact stocking fashions for the spring season.
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Prepare For a Flat Holiday

Most predictions we are seeing out there call for flat or slight negative drop in this year’s holiday sales. The National Retail Federation just came out with its prediction, a 1% decrease.

The drop might not be as bad as last year, but we still think it’s extreme, considering the industry will still suffer a decline over the major 3.4% fall the NRF calculated after 2008’s numbers came in.
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You Can Get Taco Bell in Iraq

Troops in Iraq have access to Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Burger King and other quick-service restaurants on base, National Retail Federation employee Godmund Schick, who is serving as an Army Sergeant stationed in Iraq, says in an interesting interview posted on NRF’s Soldiers are also able to order from online outlets like, he reveals.’s own Robert Carr is currently stationed in Afghanistan. In a recent interview with our CEO on the real estate picture over there, he said: “Well, I guess you could say that the occupancy could use some growth. It’s at about 0%. There are companies building various plants throughout the country, but the security for those facilities is immense, as it needs to be.”

We wish a safe return for both of them and all of the troops overseas.

The Top 100 Retailers

Stores magazine just put out its list of top 100 retailers by revenue. Wal-Mart of course, is on top, followed by Kroger, Costco, Home Depot, Target, Walgreen, CVS, Lowe’s, Sears Holdings and Best Buy in descending order.

Though it’s by no means a new phenomenon, we still get blown away by Wal-Mart’s Shaq-like size. Its nearly $406 billion in revenue last year exceeds that of the next five retailers on the list COMBINED.

Wal-Mart is also making news for its support of employer-mandated health care, which is facing opposition from the National Retail Federation, which puts out Stores. We’re not going to weigh in on the health care debate (you readers are welcome to do that), but we admire that the NRF isn’t afraid to stand up to what must be one of its largest members.

Map: Number of Retail Stores by State

The National Retail Federation has put together an interesting map showing number of the retail stores, sales and jobs by state. For example, did you know that Utah has 23,249 employees in grocery and liquor stores? Well, now you do.

No Stimulus for Retail?

It looks like we are close to having a $789 billion stimulus plan pass through Congress, and a number of real estate trade groups seem happy about it.

But one organization, the National Retail Federation, is less than enthused. In its statement, the NRF says the plan will not do enough to boost consumer spending.
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