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ICSC: Could be Better, Could be Worse

The retail real estate industry is far from its high-flying days of 2007 and before, but most executives we spoke with at ICSC’s RECon show weren’t about doom and gloom. Things are looking up…kind of.

“We’re seeing more demand for retail space,” said Scott Schroeder, vice president of marketing at Developers Diversified Realty. “It’s good. We’re not completely back, but we’re headed in the right direction.”
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The Walmart Paradox

Walmart’s same-store sales were down 1.4% during its most recent quarter. So what does that mean about the state of the overall economy?

There are two theories.
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Aeropostale Trumps Macy’s as a Brand?

We know that Aeropostale fares well in the recession and posts impressive sales due to its kindly priced apparel that connects with its teen audience. But as a brand name is it really more valuable than Macy’s?

Well, that’s the case, according to firm Interbrand Design Forum, which put out a list of the 50 strongest retail brand names in the country. It’s list has Aeropostale at number 35, while Macy’s is ranked 50th.
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Can Walmart, Target Adapt to Smaller Stores?

It seems like every big-box retailer out there is looking to size down store sizes in efforts to grow in urban areas. Walmart is focusing on smaller stores. Target kind of has plans to do the same. Home Depot is already incorporating the strategy.

On the surface, it makes sense. Even with higher real estate costs, these chains are moving into high-density areas with significant household incomes.
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More Bad Times at Sam’s Club

Walmart’s chain of warehouse-style membership clubs is the bringer of more bad news. Reports say that the company is letting go of more than 11,000 workers around the country.

The measure follows an announcement that Walmart will close 10 Sam’s Clubs across the country that are loosing money. No further closures were announced.
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Target Takes on Costco With ‘Great Save’

Target is going warehouse-club style, at least temporarily. The discounter launched “The Great Save,” a promotion that started this week and will last through Feb. 21, selling bulk items at a discount.

Offerings include such staples as bulk paper towels, granola bars and T-shirts. But customers can also purchase designer-brand clothing and home-decor items at a discount as well, just as Costco and other warehouse clubs offer.
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Surviving the storm

[Editor’s Note: Ian Ritter is taking a much deserved vacation over the next week, and retail reporter Debra Hazel is filling in for him on Counter Culture. Please be nice.]

“When you’re in the middle of the storm, all you can focus on is the rain around you,” Taubman Centers COO William Taubman told CNBC yesterday, referring to the uncertainty around commercial real estate.

Some specialty apparel stores stores are showing signs of life, but commercial real estate still has a long way to go, he noted. With some $300 billion to $400 billion of debt to be financed, with no liquidity in sight, he said, the hole is still pretty deep.

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