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The Walmart Paradox

Walmart’s same-store sales were down 1.4% during its most recent quarter. So what does that mean about the state of the overall economy?

There are two theories.
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VIDEO: The Party Never Stops at Walmart

The time-lapse video below (via BuzzFeed) shows why Walmart is the most successful retailer (and company) on the planet. This 24-hour store is always busy, with handfuls of shoppers even carousing in the wee hours of the morning. When the bars close, it’s time to hit Walmart.
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RadioShack Continues Its Turnaround

RadioShack, or The Shack as it now likes to be called, keeps turning in impressive financial results, mainly due to its mobile-phone selling success. Net income in its Q1 hit $50.1 million, up from $43.1 million in the same year-ago period, and same-store sales rose 4.7%

Sales got a boost by the addition of T-Mobile to its wireless service providers, adding it to Sprint Nextel and AT&T. It also started selling iPhones last year.
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Walmart Leads Fortune 500

Walmart is on top of the Fortune 500. The retailer regained the lead this year after falling into second place in 2009 behind Exxon Mobile. The retailer was on top in 2008.

Other retailers cracked the top 25 as well. CVS Caremark came in at 18th, grocer Kroger hit number 23, and Costco Wholesale rounded out the 25th spot.

Not too many surprises here. Or are there?

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Aeropostale Trumps Macy’s as a Brand?

We know that Aeropostale fares well in the recession and posts impressive sales due to its kindly priced apparel that connects with its teen audience. But as a brand name is it really more valuable than Macy’s?

Well, that’s the case, according to firm Interbrand Design Forum, which put out a list of the 50 strongest retail brand names in the country. It’s list has Aeropostale at number 35, while Macy’s is ranked 50th.
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Is There Room for Juan Valdez Cafes?

The Columbia-based parent company of the Juan Valdez coffee chain is looking to franchise stores across North America in attempts to expand the brand. Outside of Colombia it only runs about 27 locations.

But so far the company-owned units haven’t had the best of luck in the US. It closed locations in Seattle, Washington DC and one in New York’s Times Square.
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Blockbuster Buying Movie Gallery Assets?

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal says that Blockbuster Inc. is in talks with bankrupt Movie Gallery to buy some of the latters assets. It did not specify what assets Blockbuster wants to purchase.

We would assume that it won’t take on Movie Gallery’s Hollywood Video leases. Blockbuster is already closing about one-fifth of its 5,000 stores around the world.
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Walmart Takes on Netflix

It looks like Walmart is taking on Netflix now in its continued quest for world domination. The retailer acquired VUDU, an online movie-watching service that sounds very similar to the Internet-based viewing service that Netflix offers its customers.

The transaction will supposedly make up for a lack of DVD sales from which Walmart is suffering.
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Can Walmart, Target Adapt to Smaller Stores?

It seems like every big-box retailer out there is looking to size down store sizes in efforts to grow in urban areas. Walmart is focusing on smaller stores. Target kind of has plans to do the same. Home Depot is already incorporating the strategy.

On the surface, it makes sense. Even with higher real estate costs, these chains are moving into high-density areas with significant household incomes.
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More Bad Times at Sam’s Club

Walmart’s chain of warehouse-style membership clubs is the bringer of more bad news. Reports say that the company is letting go of more than 11,000 workers around the country.

The measure follows an announcement that Walmart will close 10 Sam’s Clubs across the country that are loosing money. No further closures were announced.
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